Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The New 2012 Bushnell NEO+ GPS Rangefinder Watch
It's All In The Wrist

By Pete Pappas
On twitter @TheGreekGrind

A better game is “all in the wrist” thanks to Bushnell’s new NEO+ GPS Golf Watch.

The NEO+ Golf Watch is Bushnell’s latest addition to their line of electronic measuring devices and boasts GPS distance calculation that’s accurate, simple, and fun to use.

When the makers of the No. 1 laser rangefinder on the PGA Tour set out expand their “GPS Made Simple” product line the challenge was to develop an instrument that addressed issues inherent in performance, simplicity, and price.

And after speaking with representatives of the company I was left with the impression they’re not only extremely excited about the new NEO+ GPS Watch but also genuinely interested in making the game more enjoyable and beneficial for golfers everywhere.

All GPS Are Not Created Equal

Bushnell worked vigorously with its GPS partners to address problematic issues like “GPS drift” and “magnetic declination” and produced intricate algorithms to address difficult accuracy issues.

The results were impressive.

Tests against their own laser products found the NEO+ GPS Watch to be extremely accurate.  While competitor GPS products were as much as eight to ten yards different.

“It’s how the components inside come together along with the ability to write software to the chipset that makes the difference,” explained Bushnell Product Director Terry Mears.

Whether you’re at the tee, on approach, in a bunker, or even hitting a blind shot, the NEO+ GPS Watch gives you accurate and reliable front of green, center of green, and back of green distances wherever you are on the course.

It shows your current hole and par information, automatically advances you to the next shot and next hole as you play, and even lets you track shot distances with the shot button.

Hit your driver a Bubba-mile?  Does your 3 iron go 274 yards like Dustin Johnson?  Now you can prove it with a flick of your wrist.

Distance Made Simple

The “10 Laws of Performance” are Bushnell’s internal communications about who they are as a company.  And Performance Law No. six states “Simplicity is the Hallmark of Genius.”

To the extent that’s true the NEO+ GPS Watch might be the Albert Einstein or Leonardo Da Vinci of GPS watches.

Numbers are crisp, large, and easy to read.  Processing speeds are rapid.  Preloaded with more courses than any GPS watch on the market (more than 25,000) there are no subscriptions or fees.  And button pressing is at a minimum.

“With Auto Course Recognition and Auto Hole Advance features golfers may not touch a button again after the first tee, unless they want to check shot distance (with one button press),” Mears said.

If you don’t like searching for sprinkler heads and find laser pick and fire too time consuming then the easy to use NEO+ GPS Watch is probably more your style (and speed).

“We make operation easy, intuitive, and simple,” Mears said.  “The NEO+ GPS Watch gives you all the features you need and none you don’t.”

And that just might be genius enough to reduce your scores and handicap as well.

Aggravated Battery

Battery power is drained rapidly in any GPS unit once it’s turned on.  However Bushnell found a proven solution to power dissipation and it won’t drain your wallet.

“Our goal of providing a cost effective product that outperformed others was achieved with the new NEO+ GPS Golf Watch,” Mears said.

Actual tests show the NEO+ GPS Watch battery life lasts for an impressive three full rounds (or 14 hours) of golf.  Battery life of the nearest competitor manages just six to eight hours by comparison.

“[And] in watch mode one competitor lasted 20 days before it needed to be charged,” Mears said.  “With ours you get well over one year before recharging is required.”

Even after battery life is depleted in GPS mode you still get over 90 days in watch mode (which also includes odometer, alarm, and timer features).

Charged up battery.  Charged up golfer.  NEO+ GPS Watch love.

Product Features
  • Ready to play right out of the box
  • Provides easy to read front/center/back distance
  • Auto course/ auto hole recognition
  • Shot distance calculator
  • Non-golf features: Standard watch functions, odometer, alarm
  • Water proof to 30m
  • Preloaded with more courses than any GPS watch on the market
  • Option to download additional courses available (including international courses)
  • Powered by iGolf (one of the fastest growing online golf communities and No. 1 Golf GPS database for GPS devices) where you can also track scoring and statistics with a free membership and free handicap tracker.

The NEO+ GPS Watch debuts in mid May at a retail price of $199.

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